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Marta Torebko

Marta Stielerstudios-1-popwas born in Olsztyn (Poland). She has started her adventure with music when she was a child. Before she began her education she had sang in a choir called “Piccolino” in her home town. The choir got a lot of prizes at the festivals in many cities. Some children from this choir, Marta too, chose to record one song “Rotary” of the group “Lelum Polelum”.

When she was 6 years old she could felt what recording in a professional studio of Radio Olsztyn is. When her parents bought first piano for her older sister she also felt a desire to play this wonderful instrument. When she was 6 she was admitted to the Elementary Music School in Olsztyn and after 6 years she graduated it and received the first degree of piano. She also went to lessons of amateurish dance theatre “Trans” where she played the piano, sang and danced. A lot of performance made that scene her second house. She graduated the second degree of Music School in bassoon. Prof. Roman Kuźniak. was her trainer.

She developed her music’ in many churches groups, where she sang and played the guitar. She appeared in charitable concerts singing, playing the piano and bassoon sung poetry. She met many people from all over the country and they played together. In secondary school she was asked to conduct a school choir, where she could check herself out as a conductor.

torebkowiosSo much she loved music that she decided to delve into secrets of it. She started 3 specializations: choir conducting , music education and conducting light music groups in Academy of Music in Poznan.
She graduated from academy in 2010 with master’s degree. Leon Zaborowski was her class tutor. When she was studying, she sang in many choirs: Choir Academi of Music, „Cappella Musicae Antiquae Orientalis”, played the tenor flute in group „Flautando”, which participated in many concerts, also in international Orff’s project. She met and practiced with famous conductors. The choirs she was with sang in Italy, Germany, Holland, Russian, Ukraine, and she could get to know better music culture of other countries.

To developed her dance she went to postgraduate study “Dance and Fitness” in Academi of Sports in Poznań. She finished it in 2012. By education she is also: an educator, a teacher of music, dance and eurhythmics, a pianist, and a singer. She is also a fitness instructor. She conducts workshops for children and teenagers. When she was studying she discovered her talent for writing the music so she began to write and arrange music, lyrics. This was her satisfaction.

Now except singing and playing the piano she writes music for children. Music this is her all life, she hears music everywhere and she believes that one can make music from everything.
She told about herself :

“I am music which sweet tones give outraged heart relief
with noble anger or love.
I glow cool minds”

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