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23.04.2014 Greater Poland Cancer Centre

23.04.2014 My friend, Iza, and I sang together on an exhibition in Greater Poland Cancer Centre


Concert for children 13.04.2014 AULA UAM

Teofil Klimecki – guitar, Wiesław Stieler – piano, Sebastian Stieler – bass, Damian Krawczyk – drums


Tomorrow is Women’s Day. I jump at the opportunity and upload my song about a woman. “Kobietą jesteś” – “You Are a Woman”

1) You wake up, look at the clock, it’s still very early now
You tell yourself that all you do will always make sense

(Chorus) You are a woman full of grace and charm
have ambition, sensitivity and you know it
You are a woman, woman!

2) You’re thinking about the meeting today
and about what you’ll see on your way
You run out of home spontaneously
and smile at all the people willingly

3) You catch luck for its tail
And believe in yourself
You keep going
And realize your dreams



If you want to watch my video on your mobile just scan cover of my album using free Blinky app that you can download and install from webpage

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